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How do we start the adoption process?

Obviously, there is little we can do until there is a child for you to adopt. We suggest that Clients contact the Children and Youth Service of your county. There is a real need for loving and caring parents for children who are involved with that agency. Also look in your Yellow Pages, under the category “Adoption Services”. There are plenty of adoption agencies to contact, although you must be sure it is reputable before you contract for services. Some successful adoption parents send mailings to law firms which handle adoptions, or OB/GYN practitioners, or foster parent organizations to be placed on lists of potential adopting parents. Above all else, BE DILIGENT, and don’t give up.

Adoption Law FAQs

While this is still rather unique, most Courts today will permit a single parent adoption if the Court believes it to be in the best interest of the child to be adopted, and the Home Study of the adopting parent is positive. We have completed them without any problems locally.

Given the nature of a private adoption, it is best to contact an attorney for all necessary information.

A step-parent can adopt their step-child without a home study. In order to adopt a step-child, the biological parent’s rights must first be terminated. Parental rights may be terminated either voluntarily by virtue of the signing of a Consent to Adoption or involuntarily by virtue of the filing of a “Petition for Involuntary Termination of Parental Rights”. Once parental rights are terminated, there is a 30-day appeal period. Once that appeal period lapses, a hearing on the adoption petition can be held.

The simple answer is no. You cannot terminate a parent’s rights unless someone else plans to adopt the subject child.

Yes, a parent’s right to parent is fundamental.  His/her rights can only be terminated if it can be proved by clear and convincing evidence that the parent’s conduct meets one of the statutory requirements, expressly spelled out in the law.

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